Monday, February 11, 2013

Kitchen Gallery Wall

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Kitchen Gallery Wall..finally
Happy Monday..hope you had a great weekend!!  Well I finally got the gallery wall started in the kitchen.  Here is a shot of it Before:
As you can see its pretty boring!  I REALLY needed to throw out the oil bottles on the right..so 90's.  :)  And the shelf didn't serve much purpose but I knew I wanted to keep the cross and the metal C..which by the way came off a local bank building.  But I also knew I wanted to add a few other elements..a DIY chalkboard, somewhere to display our daughter's artwork and a few vintage items.
So here is the After:
Keep in mind this is a wall in our kitchen...so with that being said I added a vintage child's apron that was a family item. (bottom right hook)  Also I used the plaque that use to hang on the shelf hook and the small Longaberger basket to hold chalk.  I am thinking about painting the hooks...they show up a little better in person than in this photo but they might look better in black.  Will see.  I will explain how I made the chalkboard & art display board in another post..both SUPER easy!!!  I really like the way this wall turned out...I will be hanging another child's apron on the first hook..just need to find/get one.  But its a good start.  And the best part is I only had to buy the chalkboard paint!!  And our daughter loves the chalkboard.

Hope you have a great Monday & hope this inspires you to get some projects done that you have been wanting to do!


  1. Julie, this really turned out. I liked your tip about not using spray chalkboard paint. Also a good use of the small Longaberger basket.

  2. Cute! You can't really go wrong with a DIY chalk board. I love them. So easy to update and it's fun to get the kiddos involved in writing on them as well.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Maggy...Thanks. :)
    Jessica...Thanks & I agree 100%!! :)