Sunday, June 23, 2013

4th of July..Inspiration

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4th of July..Inspiration
I am sure by now you have started decorating for the 4th of July too.  Well I have found some cute ideas that I would like to share with you...I will post my personal décor later this week.  I have been sick for a few days so today my post will be inspiration photos...
From Pinterest..of course.

LOVE the porch from Common Ground blog...read about it here

This is a super cute pillow idea too...sorry but there was no link on how to make it.  It looks pretty easy though.

Looking for a cute/festive idea for your mantle?  Check out this one...

Or a wreath for your door?

This one is on Etsy..but there are a lot of sites that show how to make burlap wreaths like this one...just add the 4th of July décor.
Need party ideas....

And there are endless amounts of cute printables...

So what are you working on? 
Here is a sneak peak of my porch....

Happy decorating.....stay tuned for more photos of my 4th of July décor.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

It all started with a chair....

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It all started with a chair...
Well it was not just ANY chair...it was Miss Mustard Seeds Chair.

Yep, it even made it to the cover of her Wonderful book..Inspired You. 
That was the first chair I had ever seen covered in a grain sack.  She also has another one...
And its just as wonderful as her wing chair!!! 
As soon as I saw these chairs I knew that one day I would have a chair covered in the inspiration fabric!!! 
As most of you already know..I'm an Interior Designer so when this fabric sample came in I fell in LOVE with it and knew that was going to be THE fabric!!!
It's made by Golding Fabrics.  It is not authentic grain sack fabric but it's pretty darn close!!  And it was the prefect shade of red & would look great with our existing furniture & our new drapes.
So here is the great reveal....
Perfect..right?  Well the wing back had great 'bones' but needed a make over!!  Here is the before & after...
As you can see it needed new fabric & cushion...but it also needed new seat decking and one wing was really loose.  I did not recover it myself...I had it done.  They did a wonderful job too. 
It's all in the details....
Yes...there are 3 covered buttons on the seat deck..under the cushion.  LOVE it..
Yes, one day I would like to learn how to recover furniture but I knew I didn't want to try it with this chair..But Miss Mustard Seed does recover her own furniture!!!  Check out her post..

She is a true inspiration!!!  Oh, and by the way her book is wonderful too!!
Here is the overall look....
It is now my favorite spot in the family room.
It's so much fun to see the inspiration become real life!!! 
What projects are you working on?
Have a great weekend!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Making Progress...

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Making Progress....
Good Morning!!!  I know it's been awhile since my last post...I have been taking baby steps on my porch progress.  In my last post I told you about my new bench...which I really do love!!

And here it is "dressed up"...kind of. ;)  If you follow me on Facebook...you know I have been on the search for cottage style outdoor pillows...which by the way is VERY hard to find.  Our porch is covered but still gets a lot of sun and I know for a fact fabrics fade there pretty fast!  Ugh!  So I went with outdoor rated fabric so the pillows would last longer out there. 
Here was my original choices...all the black/off white were not outdoor fabrics. Bummer...it was the style I wanted but didn't want to make the investment just to have them fade after one season.
But after further investigation I found out that the red/cream buffalo check was water proof & seems to have a coating on it..maybe it's kind of outdoor fabric??  Well I have decided to add it to the mix..I will be making 2 more pillows with the buffalo check to go in front of the damask ones. 
I am still working on accessories especially at the end...where the red child sized chair is..I need some height. Please let me know if you have some ideas for this space.
Also in my last post I wrote about wanting to make a tiered planter.  Well I used what I already had...
It's not perfect but it was free...next year I will change it up but for now it works.
Hope you have a great weekend!