Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Coffee Anyone?

Over the weekend I got the idea to make a coffee bar...what a great way to make the Keurig look better with my decor!!  So I started by searching Pinterest for a vintage coffee label...this is what I found.
Love the colors and style of this label.  I already had the black frame so all I did was print it out on cardstock and put it in the frame.  Nothing better than a great FREE image in an existing frame!
So while I was trying to make the K-Cups look better I thought of a serving tray/bowl set I already had that was taking up space in the cabinet.  We already had the K-Cup storage thing and too many
K-Cups to fit in the cute containers so I just left it as is.  I tried to add a lamp but it was not working for me so at some point I would like to add some under cabinet lighting.  But for now it works.  For Winter I will be changing out the coffee image for Hot Chocolate. 

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