Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cottage of the month....one day?

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Cottage of the Month
Some of you may already know about the
Cottage of the Month feature that Jennifer does on
The Painted Cottage site...if not you Have to check it out
Jennifer also has a Blog
This Month..my Blog Friend Kris's Beautiful Cottage is featured!!!
I was SO happy & Excited for her when I saw the feature!!!
Check out her Cottage here..
Also check out Kris's Blog here...
Kris also has a Facebook page for her Blog..
Here are a few of my favorite photos of Kris's Cottage..via
Junk Chic Cottage Blog
Laundry Room:


One of my FAVORITES is the Kitchen!!!

See..I told you her Cottage was WONDERFUL!!!!
Take the Tour on The Painted Cottage Feature for more photos!!!
One Day I HOPE my Cottage will be featured...I have a LONG way to go...



  1. Julie,
    Thanks so much how sweet of you to do this. It was a thrilled to be the COTM. I have followed Jennifer and the COTM for years so to be featured was exciting to say the least.
    Thanks for being so sweet.

  2. Kris,
    No problem...your blog is wonderful. I bet you were super excited...I can only imagine. Congrats again!!