Monday, October 8, 2012

Guest Room

Good Morning!!  Sorry for such a long delay in posts we have had company and I was having trouble uploading photos.  Well as promised I will be talking about our guest room...there are a few little things I would like to do still but for the most part its finished.  As you may remember 99% of the items  in this room belonged to family members. Warning...this will be a long post!!
This is the start to the wall of mirrors...the tall one on the right belonged to a close family friend..its dated 1923 on the back of the mirror.  Also the chest of drawers and rocker belonged to the same family friend.  The chest was in our daughter's bedroom when she was a baby & I had the rockers seat recovered with a vintage bedspread.  Here is a better view of them both....

The wall next to the rocker is where I have vintage family cross stitches hanging...the one in the middle was made by my Grandmother almost 70 yrs ago, the ones on each end my mother made years ago.
This wall ties in nicely to the cross stitched days of the week hand towels my grandmother made years ago.  As you can see I just draped them over the drape rod to make a valance.
Above the bed I have 2 baby gowns my grandmother made, a few of my grandmother's figurines and a few other things that I just like. :)
On the bed I have an 1976 calendar tea towel that I had made into a decorative pillow...the colors work perfect in there!  The fabric I choose to make the back and ruffle with is blue ticking.  Also the quilt that is on the foot of the bed was my grandparents....they used it for family outings.  The bench that is at the foot of the bed was my mom's..my grandfather made it for her when she was little.  I just recovered it and made the skirt for it also out of the same blue ticking.
On the small wall next to the bedroom door I have my great grandmother's sewing machine.  I am still looking for one of the drawers and the top needs to be refinished but I love the history of it.  On the top of it I have a photo of my grandmother and great grandmother along with a vase that belonged to my great grandmother and the clock was a wedding gift we received.
On the wall above the sewing machine I have the magnetic board I made a few months ago.  Using an old window frame and blue ticking.  With a few family photos.
I think that pretty much sums it up.  Hope you enjoyed the tour.
Stay tuned for a giveaway soon!!!
Hope you have a great week!

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