Saturday, August 25, 2012

Inspiration & Before/After

Hope you are having a great Saturday.  I have been busy getting my Fall decorations out. 
One of my favorite little tables was the first place I started so I thought what a better time to show you the before/after of this little table.  This is how it started....except it was pink!!!
It's Pottery Barn Kids Flower table...I got it from a friend years ago & thought I would use it in my daughter's bedroom..but never did.  So one day at work..(I'm an Interior Designer) we got this wonderful table it....and I fell in love with it but the $$$ was over my budget.
The wonderful designs are created from shell buttons.  So I thought...how easy would it be to re-create that same style with the flower table I already had.  First thing I did was paint it white and then I went to Jo Ann's and got the shell buttons and started gluing....and this is the after.
Since the table is so small I put the shell buttons around the edges and top.
It was super easy to do, only took a few hours and I love it!!  So even though it's not the exact same table it's close enough for me and a LOT less $$$$.

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  1. This is a great idea. I have shell buttons and an old table....Hmm. Maggy